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INNOVATIONMetaverse, the new reality

Metaverse, the new reality

Have you ever thought about having the real world on a digital universe, and having control of everything that you can do there?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg brough us near to this digital reality by creating Meta, the new name of Facebook, and the company that is creating the revolution of the internet, money and lifestyles.

Meta is the next evolution of social connection. The company has the vision of helping and bringing the metaverse to real life, that’s the reason why they have changed their name from Facebook to Meta: to reflect their commitment to the future based on metaverse. 


By using VR googles to get in the metaverse and enjoy all the activities that are taking place in this new universe


  • $10 billion have already been invested in the Metaverse by Meta (Facebook)’s
    Reality Labs segment
  • 10,000 jobs will becreated over a fiveyear period
  • The science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash’ coined the “Metaverse” phrase in 1992

There are different economic sectors that are having more movement, they are:

  • Real State
  • Videogames
  • Criptocurrency
  • Telecommuting

Real State and Cryptocurrency are the most important sectors at this moment because all big companies are investing on parcels to recreate their factories and optimize their processes in those virtual sceneries.

They pay the parcels with cryptocurrencies. These transactions are making the virtual money more and more valuable progressively so investing now is an advisable business.