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It is impressive how innovation and technological development evolves every day, but even more impressive is how we have become accustomed to it and have stopped being amazed. Without getting into the philosophy of the matter, we believe it is important to highlight part of this evolution that makes everyday life easier.

Focusing on the real estate sector a few years ago it could be a more complex issue than it is today. The simple fact of a real estate appraisal used to take days, money and, dare I say it, an energetic expense that not everyone was willing to experience. But, thanks to innovation and marketing, today there are new platforms and services that reduce in minutes what used to take weeks. Now known as proptech.

This fusion of technology and property, comes with related topics such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and virtual reality. An example of this advancement is the Colombian startup Habi. That through a tool that works location, development, ambiguity, market status and equipment, manages to calculate in real time the value of a property, through its website. It also strengthens through marketing strategies so that business can be done in shorter terms without intermediaries.

As Habi, there are more technologies around the world, the bet on innovation in the field of real estate is now a boom, starting in the United States, for example. A whole process reduced to a few clicks.

Zillow, an American brand, presents a model that is based on the fusion of the Real Estate world together with digital marketing. It defines itself as a media company that generates revenue by selling advertising on its website that a few short years ago became, along with other brands, an exclusive partnership with the largest real estate advertising network on the web. Between tools such as paying rent online and other facilities Zillow is known as a leading online real estate company in the United States.

Like these two companies, there are many more revolutionizing the market, not only in real estate but in technology in general, always thinking of the benefit and speed of the customer and in a market that is showing promise in many parts of the world today.

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