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CuCo Company, founded in 2015 , is a dynamic and forward-thinking Digital Marketing and Communication firm based in the United States.

With the mission to be the brand partner in achieving marketing objectives, CuCo has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. By harnessing the power of the Metaverse and staying at the forefront of Digital Trends, CuCo delivers innovative and customized solutions that drive growth and success to its clients.


CuCo’s mission is to deliver high-quality digital marketing, communication, and event solutions that fuel growth and success for its clients. The company strives to be an industry leader by providing innovative and creative strategies that generate measurable results. CuCo’s experience and expertise are constantly evolving, enabling the team to forge strong and lasting relationships with clients, helping them surpass their business goals and exceed their expectations.


CuCo envisions becoming the premier global digital marketing, communication, and events company. The company aims to be recognized for its excellence, integrity, and ability to deliver effective and customized solutions. By leveraging the latest technologies and trends in the digital realm, CuCo aims to make a significant impact on clients’ online presence and visibility.

The company seeks to be a trusted and reliable partner, driving the growth and success of brands in the digital world.

CuCo specializes in grounded proposals that align with its clients’ brand objectives. The company’s core competencies lie in Social Media Influencer campaigns, Social Media Content creation, Website development, and Augmented Reality experiences.

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and leveraging the power of social media, CuCo creates engaging and impactful marketing strategies that effectively connect with brand communities.

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