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INNOVATIONWhat is brand authenticity?

What is brand authenticity?

The authenticity of the brand is a concept that has become important with the arrival of social networks and globalization. The massive creation of products and services requires an extra contribution from companies, because they have to distinguish themselves from the rest.

For this reason, a brand or company that stands out from the rest and manages to make its own values ​​and connotations will gain more importance among consumers. The fact that a brand is associated with quality, family, elegance, fun, makes it stand out among the others.

To carry out this brand authenticity process, different factors must be considered, such as honesty. Being honest with the consumer requires being a transparent brand and being involved in reinforcing the connotations of your brand. The products must agree with what you want to convey. For example, if a company wants to transmit elegance, the products must have quality and be made with good materials.

The authenticity of the brand is a marketing strategy that has been used for many years, but with the arrival of social networks, the Internet and the massification of companies, it is more difficult to carry out. Even so, it is an interesting strategy that gives the brand an extra quality and a special reputation.