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SOCIAL MEDIATatchaland- The New Animal Crossing Island 

Tatchaland- The New Animal Crossing Island 

As COVID-19 continued to spread globally throughout 2020, companies began to face a series of obstacles that they had never faced before. . Consumers will no longer be able to leave their homes to buy new products. In other words, companies would now be forced to find alternative ways to engage with their customers. Although this was assumed to be a difficult task, hoping to create a fun and innovative way to interact with their audience while promoting their products, two Japanese brands came together for a never-before-seen collaboration. Animal Crossing has teamed up with Tatcha to launch a new series in their social simulation video game. In August 2020, Tatchaland was released in Animal Crossing.

Released in April 2001, Animal Crossing is a virtual reality-style game where users appear on an island with a mission to create the online lifestyle of their dreams. Users can work for Bells (in-game currency), network with others, and virtually try out real-life products. For example, with his collaboration with Tatcha, Animal Crossing residents got a chance to try out Tatcha’s recently released Rice Wash. Players would also have access to clothing from Alo Yoga, a real-life fashion company that would also be carried virtually through the islands’ markets. The union of these companies had the sole purpose of providing a sense of normalcy during the uncertain times of the pandemic, meanwhile, they would also be promoting their new releases.

Claire Marshall ayudó a diseñar el juego digital para que se pareciera lo más posible a Kioto, la ciudad japonesa. Tatchaland estaba equipada con casas de té tradicionales, spas onsen y bosques de bambú destinados a la meditación. La realidad de la ciudad virtual permite a los usuarios conectarse con la belleza de Japón al mismo tiempo que participan en sus costumbres de cuidado de la piel. Para una experiencia más educativa, los aldeanos podrían hacer un viaje para visitar los arrozales y aprender sobre la inspiración y el propósito de los limpiadores Rice Wash. Incluso se podría esperar una gira amistosa de la fundadora de Tatcha, Vicky Tsai. Los jugadores también tienen la oportunidad de participar en una búsqueda del tesoro que eventualmente podría ganarles una versión del producto del tamaño de un viaje.

The combination of these brands was an incredible strategy to bring communities together at a time when everyone was isolated in their homes. If the consumer cannot or does not want to physically buy the product, it will be delivered. Animal crossing and Tatcha is a prime example of that. They added the newly launched product so potential consumers could learn about the cleaner. In addition to this clever marketing strategy, users really enjoyed the process of playing the game. The collaboration combined two things that a specific niche of people love: skincare and a charming game. Tatchaland was a very organized association that mixed sportswear, relaxing Japanese self-care routines and entertainment. It brought the beautiful realities of life to everyone who bought the game and gave them a sense of travel at times when it was impossible.

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