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INNOVATIONReal estate in the metaverse: The Sandbox

Real estate in the metaverse: The Sandbox

The metaverse is home to many different types of NFTs; which include virtual hosting. Sandbox is a decentralized NFT in the gaming metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy, sell and trade land from the Sandbox map. The map is made up of 166,464 LANDS that can be bought and sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox gaming platform includes three integrated products that add to the user experience.

First of all, the Voxel Editor allows users to model and create 3D objects for their LAND. The Voxel Editor is free to use for all LAND owners and ensures copyright ownership of your created content. The next tool in the Sandbox is your NFT marketplace. This allows users to post and sell their NFT creations made from the Voxel Editor. The way this works is by registering your creation on the blockchain to verify your ownership. Once a user completes this process, they can start selling their creation on the marketplace. The final tool is the Sandbox Game Creator, which allows any LAND owner to create 3D games for free. Sandboxing games is easy with visual scripting tools, so no coding is required. The Sandbox community is growing every day and has a huge impact on the Ethereum blockchain.