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INNOVATIONApple Vision Pro: The new augmented reality device that combines the real and virtual worldsApple vision pro

Apple Vision Pro: The new augmented reality device that combines the real and virtual worldsApple vision pro

The company held a developer conference at Apple Park, the headquarters in Cupertino, California, which was livestreamed on Apple’s website and YouTube channel.

At this conference, several innovations were presented, such as the new version of the operating system, iOS 17, which includes features like “contact posters” (images that will appear on a person’s phone when you call them) and “live voicemail,” which provides real-time transcriptions of messages left on voicemail. These transcriptions will also apply to audio messages sent through Apple Messages. Apple also introduced a system called Check-In, which will automatically notify friends or family when the user safely arrives home. In case of significant delays, the system has the ability to inform others that the user has not yet arrived home safely. The new operating system, iOS 17, is expected to be available in the fall of 2023, offering Apple device users a range of new functionalities and improvements.

But what has generated the most anticipation is the release and presentation of their latest device: Apple Vision Pro. These are augmented reality glasses scheduled to hit the market early next year, marking the company’s significant hardware release since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. The Apple Vision Pro will have a launch price of $3,499 and will be available starting in early 2024, initially in the United States.

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the new device as a seamless fusion of the real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality, also known as mixed reality, is a technology that overlays virtual objects in our real environment. This allows for a combination of what is seen in the physical world with elements of the virtual world through a screen. Cook stated that the glasses will enable users to “see, hear, and interact with digital content as if they were in their physical space.”

The control of the Apple Vision Pro is done through a combination of hand gestures, eye movements, and voice commands. For example, users can select and move objects by pinching their fingers and simulating touchscreen interactions. These glasses will provide access to applications, movie viewing, and document creation in a virtual world. However, there currently needs to be more evidence of a mass market for this type of wearable technology. There are doubts about whether this new product will attract the general public due to its extremely high price and potential limitations such as a separate wired battery, as it is a first-generation device. Nevertheless, Apple has a track record of overcoming skepticism surrounding new devices.

The announcement of the Apple Vision Pro comes a week after Meta and Lenovo introduced updates to their virtual reality headsets, which are already available in the market but do not overlay objects in the real-world view. Although Meta has heavily invested in mixed reality, the business experienced a 54% drop in global sales last year, according to the International Data Corporation.

With the release of the Apple Vision Pro and the innovations presented at the developer conference, Apple continues its quest to provide advanced technological experiences and push the boundaries of the digital world.

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