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What is Twich ?

Twitch is an online web-streaming platform where creators from all over the world come together to make live content. The twitch platform’s top content comes from video games and podcasts. The most popular video games that are streamed on twitch are Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offense. Some of the most popular Twitch creators promote games and products while they are live, making it possible to make abundent revenue as a content creator. There is an average of over fifteen million viewers per day on twitch, making it one of the top creative content platforms. Surprisingly, 65% of Twitch users are male, while 35% are female. The social network twitch is built around twitch streamers, where twitch users would all go watch them at specific scheduled times. There are certain games that have more popularity than others that give streamers more views. Some games, however, are only popular for a limited time, called “trends”. Trendy games are not good for long-term streaming, because the game would only be popular for a few weeks or months, then after it’s not trending, no one would watch it anymore. There is a lot of competition on twitch for streamers to become the most popular for certain games. For example, there are famous twitch streamers for each game that a lot of people know of. Usually, it is easier for female twitch streamers to become popular and get more views.

Example: Below is an example of a twitch streamer with a promotional ad on their stream by amazon prime gaming.

Example: Some Streamers have promotions flashing at the top of their screen from different companies

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