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INNOVATIONWhat is Chatgpt and is it ethical?

What is Chatgpt and is it ethical?

As we continue through the 21st century, AI is becoming exponentially more advanced with the introduction of AIs that replace jobs with AIs that make people’s everyday lives easier. Here comes Chatgpt, a language model AI that is capable of writing lists, answering questions, generating computer code, and so much more. The AI works by asking it any question, and you would get a response depending on what you’re asking for. For example, if you ask Chatgpt to make you a groceries list of healthy food to buy, it will actually make you a list of food to buy. The more specific your question is, the more tailored the response is to you. Out of nowhere, Chatgpt was initially launched in late November 2022 and created under the parent company OpenAI network. OpenAI is an Artificial intelligence research company founded by the infamous Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, and others. Open AIs’ goal is to develop AI that would benefit mankind as a whole. Since the release of Chatgpt, Altman, the main founder of OpenAI, has also been called by lawmakers and officials to work on the safety of AI.


A lot of people question the ethicality of Chatgpt and what issues it presents with its misuse of it. The AI uses information from all over the internet, and some of the output it produces might contain copyrighted materials. Because of this, Chatgpt could be faced with legal action lawsuits that could limit the use of AI. Another ethical issue is the ability to share personal information, which breaks personal protection laws in certain countries. These issues will keep getting brought up as OpenAI releases more personal interactive AI. All things considered, Chatgpt has shown humanity what AI is capable of and that the future of AI is seeming brighter than ever.