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SOCIAL MEDIATwitter’s Verified Organizations: Enhancing Business Authenticity and Value on the Platform

Twitter’s Verified Organizations: Enhancing Business Authenticity and Value on the Platform

Twitter has taken a step forward in its revenue-generating strategy through subscriptions with the launch of its “Verification for Organizations” program, which is now available to businesses worldwide. This program expands the reach of Twitter’s verification badge system. However, it is important to note that it does not imply actual verification itself, and its high cost raises questions about its real value. In this article, we will explore how you can sign up for this program, what benefits you gain from doing so, and whether it is truly worth the investment.

Verified Organizations provides companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions with the opportunity to register and manage their verification process, as well as affiliate-related accounts. This ensures transparency and authenticity in their online presence. By enrolling in Verified Organizations, organizations verify affiliated accounts and have full control over the verification process. Affiliated accounts will receive an affiliate badge on their profile with the organization’s logo, indicating their affiliation. All organizations must go through a verification process before joining Verified Organizations.

Subscribing to Verified Organizations has a fixed cost of $1,000 per month, with an additional $50 per month for each affiliated member. By subscribing to Verified Organizations, organizations receive a prominent golden verification checkmark (or gray for government and multilateral organizations) and a distinctive avatar on their Twitter profile. Additionally, they can affiliate individuals or associated entities, granting them verification status and an affiliate badge with the parent company’s logo. This facilitates follower engagement and network expansion on Twitter. In addition to the visual distinction and affiliation, Verified Organizations offers benefits such as higher tweet-sending limits, direct messaging, and media uploads. This enables seamless customer support, coverage of live events, and automated response campaigns, ensuring efficient communication with the audience. Furthermore, accounts subscribed to Verified Organizations gain the advantages of Twitter Blue, including additional features.

To be eligible, an organization must provide an active Twitter account, a current organizational email address, and a website domain. Government organizations require an official government email address. Completing the organization’s profile with a profile picture, bio, and accurate display name is essential. The application process involves review and approval, after which organizations can enjoy the benefits of verification and affiliation.

Twitter provides a user-friendly Verified Organizations portal for managing accounts and affiliations. Upon approval, organizations can activate their accounts, add or remove affiliated accounts, and manage their billing in one place. This ensures flexibility and control over their online presence.

Verified Organizations offers a reliable space for organizations to verify their affiliations, establish credibility, and connect with their followers. With distinctive verification marks, affiliation badges, and customization options, organizations can confidently showcase their brand and affiliated accounts. Twitter’s commitment to security, enhanced support, and additional features like Twitter Blue further enhance the value of Verified Organizations. By subscribing to this service, organizations can build a trustworthy online presence and effectively interact with their audience.