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INNOVATIONThe must for the distracted: Airtags

The must for the distracted: Airtags

We are talking about one of the new devices launched by the popular Apple brand in the current year. A small device of 32 millimeters in diameter, a thickness of 8 millimeters, which weighs 11 grams. It is a locator that is paired with Iphones, through the “search” application, to find, redundantly, simple objects that users lose daily (keys, wallets, purses …).

Are you one of those who often lose your keys? can’t you find your wallet when your home is coming? now is your chance to try it, and not give so much thought to your searches. It is easy to use, through the app, and selecting the object you want to find, the mobile will show you arrows to follow the path and as you get closer it generates vibration signals so you don’t lose your way. If that is not enough, the Airtag also incorporates a speaker inside, which can be activated from the cell phone and can be heard several meters away. 

Using Bluetooth, it locates your objects within a range of eight (8) meters, indoors, possibly a few meters more if we are talking about outdoors. The interesting thing is that, when your Airtag is not in range, other Apple devices around are responsible for taking the signal, upload it to Icloud (Apple’s cloud storage system), and then send it to the Iphone that is looking for it, this by encrypted messaging, which makes that neither the owner of the device that helped you know that he did it or that you know that you received a signal from a device outside of you. Its practicality is given in the number of Apple users in the world, who not only own cell phones, we are talking about Ipad, Macs, among others. 

On the other hand, it is an element of easy acquisition in the market, an Airtag can cost around 50 usd. In addition, you can buy adapters for the keys for about 10 usd. 

Airtags, then, will put an end to the headaches of many, who are no longer aware of where they leave their things. However, it could prove to be dangerous as, such people may start to become a little more relaxed about where they leave their things, and if any of their items accompanied with Airtags are stolen, this device may be reset and the owner will never be able to locate it again. 

Would you use Airtags?

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