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The growth of the green marketing

The “green marketing” is a new marketing trend. This idea consists of applying different techniques to differentiate itself from other brands. The strategies aim to foster a sustainable and eco-friendly brand.

Environmental problems grow every day. In recent years, society has become more aware of the issue, but there is still much to be done. For this reason, the development of zero waste brands is a good alternative that is based on innovation. “Green products” counter damage, help the environment, pollution and recycling.

On one hand, companies that develop green marketing campaigns help consumers change attitudes, actions and products, for those that benefit the environment. Some of the zero waste practices can be based on sharing, reducing, donating, reusing, recycling. The result of green marketing are products without additives, made with natural ingredients, avoiding contamination

On the other hand, corporate social responsibility is a concept that is becoming more important. This approach is built on the company’s commitment to economic, environmental or social issues, promoting respect or values. It can also be carried out through consumer education, with talks or awareness campaigns. Besides that, green marketing looks for changing the way products are consumed and transforming them into more sustainable life alternatives.