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Lean In Organization

In today’s world, achieving gender equality and empowering women has become a global priority. Lean In Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Facebook’s former COO, Sheryl Sandberg with the hopes of inspiring women and supporting them in the workplace. Sandberg was a crucial part of Facebook’s success, leaving with a legacy of “Facebook would not be Facebook without Sheryl”, but she decided to depart from Facebook to focus on her philanthropic endeavors.

The primary goals of Lean In Foundation are centered around empowering women to break barriers and achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Lean In invites women to change the conversation around women in the workplace and to challenge the gender bias. Through research, advocacy, and educational programs, the organization aims to raise awareness about the existing biases, highlight their impact on women’s careers, and promote gender equality at all levels of society. Lean In allows women to build their skills to navigate through the unequal biases and ensures that companies provide opportunities in which women are properly included and valued.

The Lean In Foundation has very firm beliefs on women working together, and not competing against each other, to enhance each other’s strengths and to grow alongside one another. They accomplish this unity among women by offering Circles, which are small groups that meet for regular basis in which women can share their difficulties, goals, ambitions, and celebrate each other’s wins. They are meant to be a safe space with peer mentorship and inspiration. This foundation recognizes the power of networking and the importance of building strong connections among women.  

Lean In offers Company Programs in which they train employees by giving them practical advice to create inclusive workplace cultures. Only by first identifying the problems in the workplace can they then be tackled. This organization conducts several studies and research, collecting data showing disparity in the workplace, such as an underrepresentation of women of color in senior leadership. Companies can be equipped with more than 50 specific steps and ways to combat the gender bias, creating a culture that is diverse.

Lean In helps spark a conversation about other challenges that women may face as professionals, such as being confident leaders and balancing their work life and personal life. Various companies, such as Salesforce, Adidas Group, and MetLife, are committed to being part of this global movement to bring gender equality and empower women in the workplace. Through its core values of inclusivity, empowerment, and collaboration, Lean In Foundation plays a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and creating a future where every woman can thrive.