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INFLUENCER MARKETINGIs Influencer work effective?

Is Influencer work effective?

The Influencer subject is currently on the rise because all companies are looking to work with them. The numbers speak for themselves and this can be seen in the accounts of the companies that work with them, giving rise to a significant increase in sales over a certain period and given that the best-known influencers now have more than a million followers in their social media accounts. 

Although the numbers are high, there are still people who question whether or not this work constitutes a benefit for all companies or not. 

The influencer phenomenon started a few years ago and it didn’t take long for companies to realise that it was a way to make themselves known. In marketing, there have always been marketing forms of advertising through opinion leaders such as sportsmen and sportswomen, or renowned people. Nowadays, influencers will be those who have a large number of followers on social networks. Therefore, they can bring a company’s product to a large part of their audience.

The companies that have worked with this new advertising method come from different sectors such as fashion, tourism, and technology. Few sectors have decided to use this tool to reach a larger target audience, however, different social media have Influencers being the most used for this marketing tool Instagram, Youtube and Tik-Tok. 

This type of marketing strategy, such as the use of Influencers, will provide companies with different collaborations through different social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok and even Twitch. They provide companies with different advantages such as the credibility and reputation that the Influencer transmits of the product to their audience, a greater reach of this type of advertising due to the high number of followers that some content creators have, they are also the ideal vehicle to promote flash offers or special discounts due to the sensation of scarcity that they can transmit and they can even make the brand known by converting their followers into followers of the advertising company, among other advantages. 

However, there are also several disadvantages that can be harmful to a company when it comes to marketing with Influencers. 

Some of these are the decrease in reach due to the transience of some collaborations, sometimes being short term, the limitation of this association due to the high amount of money necessary to have different Influencers sponsoring a brand and the difficulty that sometimes generates to track purchases and if they come from the influencers or from another source. 

All this makes us wonder, are Influencers profitable for a company? 

The answer is yes, it can be if you find the right influencers, the ideal promotional techniques, really targeted and interested audiences and a large enough budget.


According to a 2019 survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub, it found that companies earn $5 on average for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. The majority of companies get positive results from influencer marketing, and only 15% of enterprises do not generate any revenue. Often these are companies that do not understand the mechanics of influencer marketing. Some companies simply select the wrong influencers for their brand. They fail to choose influencers with followers similar to the target audience of the brand’s product.

 In addition, marketers see how lucrative influencer marketing can be for a brand if it is done correctly. Nearly 2/3 of companies that budgeted for influencer marketing in 2022 set out to increase their spending in the next 12 months, while 17% expect their influencer marketing budget to stay the same. 

In conclusion, we can say that influencer marketing is effective and can offer companies very good results if it is done correctly. That is why it is important to analyse different factors when developing a campaign with Influencers such as the company, the audience we want to target and the values and the followers that the content creator has to achieve high profitability values.