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INNOVATIONDigital environment, cause and consequence of our social model´s transformation

Digital environment, cause and consequence of our social model´s transformation

The existence of a continuously available space has changed the way we interact. We have given to an electronic device the power to concentrate every way of work and free time. An app keeps every music we listen, another one offers you a selection of films and series to enjoy. We don’t pass anymore photo album pages to go into our memories and is no longer needed going to a physical store to buy the latest fashion trend. Paperwork is now online, meetings are via Zoom and each time we listen less to the voice of those who we are talking to. We have gotten used to have everything we want whenever we want. No schedules, no people. That inmediacy has make us become insatiable. Nothing is enough, everything bore us. This is the social model we have crate and where we are rapidly immersing into, against the current.

Song’s introductions are shorter each time. Film’s posters announce known actresses and actors, not a plot. Our main entertainment source are really short videos full of stimulus and our wardrobes are in constant renovation, trying to reach the massive production rhythm that carries fashion industry, accesible for us through fast fashion.

In addition, the impact of digital environment’s penetration has not only been social, it has also affect our economy, turning it into one of its main supports. If Internet’s presence was already important before the pandemic happened, Covid-19 has speed up the process that has allowed digital environment being part of our everyday.

Liderar en un entorno digital

Business have introduced a new working model to let their employees work from home in order to get used to this new reality the virus has brought. And that’s not the only thing. When we want to hire a service, we check for a review, a haul, an unboxing or a try-on video. We try some sunglasses from the same app we buy them. Art has become non fungible tokens. The way we take a look to a restaurant’s menu, read an advert we have seen on the street, redeem our cinema tickets or even our airplane tickets is by scanning a QR code. Advertising campaigns are online, Information is in social media. It is a bombing, a constant fight between stimulus trying to get our attention and being kept in our imaginary.

This dynamic has turn people into phone slaves, and phones into another extension of our bodies. We are hyper connected beings incapable of living without Internet access, while companies and organizations are going through a market with more traffic and competence each time.

Blockchain, NFT’s or metaverse have been the latest digital trends that have been leading this 2022 and that open a path to all the future novelties that will be introduced in 2023, but will the human be able to keep up this evolution?