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INNOVATIONDigital marketing and its particular purpose in countries

Digital marketing and its particular purpose in countries

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” ~Bill Gates

Being in the health crisis that was unleashed globally in 2020. A step was taken from traditional to digital marketing, in the face of relevancy and the need from brands. There is talk about learning online communication, selling and turning a physical business into something abstract that connects 360 ° with the global totality with internet access.

From resilience, or Darwin’s popular theory of selectivity[1], adapting to what the market demands, was and is the next step for companies. However, it is not only about adapting, it is also about creating and learning, because socially in many countries, startups and local businesses seemed to be one of the few options to survive this crisis.

Geographically segmented search trends are a reflection of social, educational, and entrepreneurial situations in each location. The topic ” Marketing en redes sociales ” results in a list of countries according to search interest, where the first nine countries are Latin, and the tenth is occupied by Spain.

Without going so far. From a quick search in Latin territories, in the last year, you can see the high interest in learning the management of social networks and digital marketing in general. Concepts such as: “Cómo hacer Marketing en Redes Sociales” or keywords such as “Venta”, “Página Web”, are data that support the new economy and situation, the need to mobilize business to digital.

In the same way, the search for these previous concepts automatically generates a language discrimination, which supports the results to some extent. However, when looking for topics related to “digital marketing” they tend to not be educational, it is more about news, in other countries that are not part of Latin America. So, the concept is a worldwide trend, but the purpose for which it is sought changes depending on the cultural situation.

In conclusion, adapting to new markets and new strategies is what development is demanding, and that likewise, it is the way to evolve to generate profitability in each business. That, from social and political issues, not dealt with here, entrepreneurship is a necessary and sought-after act in many places and from there they must be enlightened in the management of the digital medium to survive.  

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