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Color psychology

Color psychology is a science dedicated to the study of the effects of color on human perception and behavior.

At a commercial level it is better known as color theory. This is used in campaigns, logo designs, interior design in stores, in order to communicate correctly with our final consumer and make him feel what we want to convey.

For this reason we want to share with you the most used colors in the market and the perception or behavior that can awaken in the user:

– Blue: It is associated with the sea and the sky. It is a relaxing color that transmits stability, calm, harmony, confidence and security. On the other hand, as it is a cold color, it is also associated with remoteness and coldness.

– Red: It is the color of fire and strength. It is a powerful and very visual color, representing love and hate at the same time. This color calls for action at first sight as it is associated with energy, stimulation and courage. But at the same time it has associations of danger, tension and blood.

– Green: It is related to ecology since it symbolizes nature. On the other hand, it also represents money, hope and harmony. It is used in brands related to the environment or for relaxing purposes for the user.

– Yellow: Symbolizes happiness, youth and optimism. This color with a bad use can be perceived as deception or warning. It is a color that calls to action and can help to highlight something important in the design.

– Orange: It is a combination of red and yellow, representing creativity, quality and warmth. It is used to replace red in calls to action, since it does not saturate as much and captures our sight from the first moment. It is one of the most used because it stimulates purchases.

– Black: It means elegance, power, glamour and sophistication. It is a color widely used in high-prestige brands aimed at a high-class public, since it is authoritative and stylized.

– White: It is associated with cleanliness, purity, clarity, simplicity and innocence.

– Violet: It is the color of power, luxury, wisdom and quality. Depending on the shade in which it is used, it can generate a different perception, both positive and negative.

– Pink: Conveys warmth, femininity, love and sexuality. It symbolizes charm and affection. Psychologically it is very powerful in the female public.

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