Instagram has ceased to be a social network with a purely playful purpose to
become a platform of professional dyes on which many brands base their
marketing strategy. For this reason, every time Instagram implements a new
functionality we should analyze how it can help our professional development.
The latest feature is Reels.

The main difference from its Chinese competitor, TikTok, is that it is a totally
fully integrated within Instagram. This has given you the advantage of not
having to start from scratch, as this social network has more than a billion users
who have been automatically incorporated into this new functionality. When
Instagram introduces a new tool it rewards users who use it by exponentially
increasing the display of their content in order to popularize the tool.
Competition with TikTok is one of the factors that greatly influences Instagram's
decision to benefit people who use Reels.

This explains the fact that Reels is gaining weight on Instagram. The possibility
of multiplying the appearance of the same content in several sections
maximizes the impact of Reels publications and makes clear the platform's
intentions to give more prominence to this new format. In fact, Instagram is
already changing the look of its interface, which will precisely make Reels
sections much more accesible and shopping with their own tab for each.
Reels is gaining prominence on Instagram and wherever the most lucrative
campaigns are is where the top step of creators will be in the long run.

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