What is clubhouse and how can it help my business

Social media has meant a revolution in terms of communication, up to the point that it seems quite unusual when a company doesn´t make use of them. This is why when a new social network emerges we should inform ourselves of its functionalities and analyze how we could use it for the benefit of our business. Being attentive to the social media market we can find authentic rough diamonds like Clubhouse. And now you might be wondering What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-centric social network. Although is a recently-created website, launched in April 2020, mathematician and data analyst Vajresh Balaji estimates that as of February 1, 2021 Clubhouse could already have more than 6 million registered users worldwide and its growth would have been absolutely exponential since December last year. In this network the text is re-eded to the user’s biography and little else, since the great appeal of this is that the great appeal of this is that users can only communicate through voice. The system used is similar to that of a conference or conference, the conversation starts in a room where a limited number of people can talk, while most only have the option to listen. However, you can request to speak at the presentation.

As for what we really care about, how can we adapt Clubhouse to our business , we can benefit from the unusualness of features of this social network. The didactic orientation offered by Clubhouse makes it ideal for professional use. The possibilities of connecting with interesting people relevant to your business and interests are multiplied. Clubhouse can serve as a lever to get all kinds of collaborations that increase our engagement.

Another value that Clubhouse adds is the ability to create community. As it is a social network in which the main interaction is not written but spoken gives it a much more personal touch in terms of user interaction. In addition to creating a useful community for your professional interests, you can also link your business strategy with Clubhouse, both at the content level, as well as alliances, and even sales.

However, possibly the greatest advantage of Clubhouse lies in the creation of content: the social network allows you to hold virtual conferences in audio format where you can broadcast your messages. Being at the forefront of new communication platforms can be that differential element that takes our business to a new level and surely it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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