To Succeed With An E-Commerce. Present Future.

Dear readers, if you have considered converting your business to the online world … do not think about it anymore and do it there is no turning back is undoubtedly the present future of business. 

In these lines I will try to share with you what are the “benefits” of having an online business. It is clear that the Internet has expanded the possibilities of any business. Many of us thought that some businesses were not “transferable” to the online world, during these months we have realized that all businesses have been able to reinvent themselves in online gyms, bars, salsa classes … 

When we speak of an online store we refer to a website with a product or service (reservation of consultations, subscriptions, training …) need not be large quantities. 

An online store is essential because consumers are increasingly using this type of shopping platform. If before we were used to make purchases on line all this has accelerated in recent months. So again, don’t hesitate…

It is increasingly easy to create an online store, open a channel of e-commerce even if we have trade in person is a complement. The main advantage of an online trade is its global nature, i.e. 24/7, 365 days a year. Our business works while we rest (note that this requires dedication and time but the reality is that it works even if we are not at that time)

One advantage is that it decreases the distribution chain, we can take actions to build customer loyalty and shorten response times … downloadable products are immediate in use. 

And do not forget that the customer becomes someone known, that is, in the digital world the customer leaves us “trace” … allows us to know what he was looking for, quantity, decision times, platform from where he buys, payment system, schedules, that he did not buy and even his address if we have to make a delivery of the product. 

Thanks to all the analytical tools we can know the behavior of the client without being invasive.

Obviously not all is goodness we should not forget the competition we have in the online world, AMAZON the giant that emerged in a garage in the city of Seattle income last year in sales over $ 200,000 million … Yeeees …! you read right.

Jeff Brezos “Albuquerque Neighbor” studied at Princeton Computer Science and immediately after he finished he went to Wall Street to start his meteoric career with only 26 years old he became vice president of one of the most important investment funds … 

Jeff got bored of his life in the big apple and decided with the compensation money to create in the garage of his house (something about garages is clear) Amazon … and don’t miss it I call it thinking of the Amazon of the mighty and incredible river of South America. And without further ado, he created an icon that is the well-known yellow smile that means customer satisfaction and the arrow that points to the A and Z indicating that he has products in his catalog from A to Z … you see paradigms of simplicity! 

And what are the challenges that we are going to find in an E-Commerce because obviously the competition is not only Amazon as we said but multiple platforms that have been created and have many resources. We should not forget either that the smart and trained consumers in the online world they can compare with are much more demanding.

In spite of this and the growing distrust of online payments … the

e-commerce is a very positive thing. The figures are overwhelming, e-commerce continues to grow and by 2019 it will have invoiced 1.7 trillion dollars worldwide and is expected to exceed 3 trillion dollars by 2023 … I am lost with these figures I do not know about you.  

 “If your business isn’t on the Internet, your business doesn’t

exist.” Bill Gates.






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