The Uproar with Online Shopping

Online shopping has always been the hot spot for consumerism in the United States, but with the pandemic that hit us in 2020 the growth in online shoppers has been tremendous. Especially in the United States a country built off of consumerism ever since the Gilded Age. Online shopping is a craze, only predicted to get more popular as the years go by. With this pandemic people had lots of time on their hands which caused them to indulge in more technology based activities. Shopping being number one since rapid shipping and online sales catches the populations eyes. Many stores transferred to online and took advantage of everyone being quarantined by releasing many sales and discount codes.

Amazon is the greatest example of this new uproar with online shopping. They sell everything and anything a consumer might want for reasonable prices and if signed up with prime free 2 day shipping which catches any citizens eye. Amazon this pandemic has never had so many orders and employees constantly delivering and working throughout this pandemic. Especially that this pandemic still had us trapped during holiday season, it was what was more convenient for shoppers.

Not only did huge corporations adapt and strive with online shopping, but online shopping also became a playing field for small businesses. This new and improved online shopping method has saved small business owners a great amount of money as it is no longer needed to open a physical store front to be successful. As the pandemic caused people to have more alone time it was one of the points in society where so many news businesses came about. With the combination of online shopping and the growth in social media marketing many small businesses were able to make great profits. This expansion of online shopping will only continue to strive this day and age in society.    

Sophia Montoya

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