That’s how Shorts works, the alternative to TikTok

TikTok’s global success has established a new paradigm in youth leisure by giving birth
to a new audiovisual format that has revolutionized the internet. This is why it is not
uncommon to see how giant platforms like Instagram with their Reels or YouTube with
the Shorts try to replicate this format.

The Shorts, which are still in beta, involves the incorporation of the audiovisual
platform par excellence of the internet into a new format. This platform offers the
characteristics of this format, allowing you to create videos of up to 15 seconds with
music and with some extras, such as the ability to use a timer and a countdown to record
easily, hands-free, or access to speed controls on recording. The new platform also has a
multi-segment camera to join multiple video clips.

The feature has started to appear in the YouTube app for Android, on the home page of
more users. This is a carousel that collects a selection of short videos recorded in
vertical format.

The power and prestige of the YouTube brand lays a foundation without solid
foundations of a platform project that enjoys the advantage of starting from of the
audiovisual internet giant and its massive target. Given the global success of the format
and the platform entity that support these Shorts. We can only glimpse an encouraging
future for this platform

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