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The trend of Influencers in Social Networks

Certainly, if we look back, “influencers” have always existed … at all times and historical moments – military, writers, politicians, actors, singers, artists, athletes – people who have influenced others in different aspects and that make you feel like everything you do has precedents and legitimize your actions.


Those “icons” that by their way of life, their beliefs, their abilities, their recognitions or simply by their beauty create a wave of fans who follow them in everything they do and make them the pattern to follow …

So far, the Influencers of the 21st century have not invented anything new … but there is something that makes them different from those of other times and it’s their massive exposure, unprecedented in different channels and also with the approval of the “likes” that legitimize them even more.

The Social Networks, INSTAGRAM, Facebook, the new arrival of TIK TOK, YOU TUBE, etc capture the eyes of children, adolescents and adults in love with their INFLUENCERs.


And who does not know the Kardashians with 151M followers – just so you can picture it this is 2.5% of the world’s population. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish activist who has 8.5M followers or Cristiano Ronaldo who is high up with more than 189M followers, can accumulate more than 2,5000,000 likes for a single post in less than 3 hours … I confess that for those of us who are dedicated to this world of Digital Marketing, it is sometimes very frustrating because one can make a thousand strategies, study the blissful algorithms and the impact will never be comparable with a post of Cristiano Ronaldo watching television (I invite you to be surprised if only to satisfy your curiosity …).

Today the Influencer count has reached hundreds of thousands, the Agencies are dedicated to finding the best, the most credible … as my clients say, the authentic ones. Those who do not buy likes or fans, or even false profiles (bots) that leave comments in order to increase the engagement of the account, those who lead by example, those who really do what they say they do … This trend of influencers has allowed specialization for fashion, food, the organic world, dancing, singing, cooking … and everything you can imagine.



The impact they have on the world population is impressive … statistics say that 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends, family and influencers before purchasing a product.

The phenomenon is “in crescendo” and it seems that it will not stop. 85% of companies worldwide are using or starting to use the phenomenon of INFLUENCERs in Marketing.

The potential of INFLUENCERs is clear, there is no prestigious brand that does not echo the presence of Influencers to publicize or position its products or services. There are several reasons that steer brands to hire their services:

They help sell: few things drive sales more effectively than word of mouth, so Influencer marketing presents an incredible opportunity to develop this.

Their recognition and legitimacy in the Social Networks: they set a trend, they are credible and in addition young people feel identified with them .. TIK TOK has served to popularize 15 second “dances” with fun choreographies that drive teenagers – and some older followers – crazy…

 In some cases it is an alternative to expensive advertising campaigns in other more traditional media such as television or the written press … These powerful reasons make more and more agencies specialize in Influencer Marketing a trend that has come to stay, allowing all brands based on their budget to hire campaigns to promote their products and services …


Now… I am sure that at this point you will be wondering does this really “work” or, in more professional terms, is the ROI (return on investment) always the desired and expected?

Well, the truth is yes … as long as some variables are met in the campaign to be developed. The first and sometimes the most difficult step is to make a good selection of the Influencer … that is authentic, represent the values ​​of our brand and that knows how to convey the brand strategy we sell.

Choosing the right channel. It is clear that the Tik Tok follower is a young music lover and dance lover profile. In the case of Instagram, the profiles are more mature with other purchasing power and other expectations … and so with each and every one of Social Networks … That is, we must identify where our Target wants to see us.

And finally, do not analyze the campaign … never, never, never do a campaign and not measure …before and after to better understand what has happened and if our strategy was well laid out.

If you are starting a business, or it is already consolidated, do not rule out including an Influencer Strategy, reserve a part of your budget, think about how you like to be seen by your customers and do it! … but before doing so get good advice so that your money is not in a bottomless bag …

Or turn the strategy upside down. Make yourself an Influencer and promote your business …


And next week … we will talk about Tik Tok the social network that threatens to unseat Instagram … we are waiting for your comments on #cucompany or marketing@thecucompany.com


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