Reels arrived .. and Tik Tok got a competitor

My dear readers … the world is changing very fast, which I will tell you after all we have experienced worldwide in these last months.

For the youngest people, who surely haven’t seen a film, it’s the heart of analogue cameras … that film where our photos were captured and then developed, but let’s move on and leave this vintage moment behind.

On August 5 appears in our lives from the platform Instagram – Facebook the new function called Reels that does not apply, basically and for you to understand more easily is a direct competitor of the social network Tik Tok the old musical.ly

If you want to know more about Tik Tok I recommend you to check our website www.thecucompany.com and read our blog … “Mom, can I borrow your phone to make a Tik Tok” without sounding pretentious you will enjoy it and understand much better what we mean when we say Tik Tok.

Reels is the direct competition of Tik Tok available in more than 50 countries like the United States or Spain and in some Latin American countries …

Between you and me, some countries have already enjoyed the application since the beginning of this year, such as Germany and France, which were some of the first to be able to use it.

What’s new is that the content generated through Reels appears within a tab in the Explore section for accounts that are public. If the accounts are private, then it can only be seen by friends in the Feed.

The process of editing the content is very simple, slide to open the Instagram camera and select the option Reels and on the left you will find the menu with the three options that are offered right now and that will surely improve in performance over time.

And here are some of the features that differentiate Reels from the competition Tik Tok or Snapchat their huge library of augmented reality effects and music library.

Tik Tok has emerged as a direct competitor willing to take away the reign of more than 800 million active users worldwide.

Here the trade war has been going on for a few months and between the governments of the United States and China.

According to data from Sensor Tower, 2020 Tik Tok was the most downloaded application in March 2020 over whatsaap or zoom with 115.2 million downloads in this month alone.

The application has been a real boom among young people but as it has happened with other applications, the “more mature” also want to know and are starting to take Tik Tok, data indicates that more than 40% of people who follow Tik Tok are over 30 years old.

So now Instagram’s 100 billion active users have a new application to upload their videos …

We will see who wins the battle between these two giants that seems to become almost a trade war between the United States and China.

And are you more of a Tik Tok or a Reels? You tell me.

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