Creating a Personal Brand is not impossible. Each of us has an added value and a differentiator within our own areas of knowledge. The first steps and keys to start are in this episode with Gustavo Pagano, an expert in Personal Branding.

Sounds easy right? But we all know that it is not. Undertaking a new project brings challenges and above all learning. You have little to lose and you have a lot to learn. Are you ready? Listen to this podcast and put into practice all the steps that Tulia Ocampo shared with us.

We insist… It’s not just a post! What’s behind the work of an influencer? What’s the value of their work? In our new space – TAG THE INFLUENCER – we want to get a little closer to their work and the process behind their publications. All with the purpose of understanding that what they publish, what they show and what they express is not a random decision and has behind it a team, a step by step and a strategy. Meet Daniel Bustamante, a men’s fashion influencer.

Instagram gives the fight every day and I wasn’t going to let Tik Tok take away his popularity. With his new, not-so-new function as a Reel, the Tik Tok public has begun to move to this application. Which to choose? What’s different about it? What’s the future of Tik Tok and Instagram? How to get it? All these questions and more in the following podcast.

Dreams come to Cucompany and we love to talk about them, support them and make them come true. We invite Sonia, a lawyer who fulfilled her dream of being an artist… How did she do it? What was her process and how did she find in art more than a profession a lifestyle? We invite you to listen to her life story.

We’re all susceptible to a cyber attack. The key is to be prepared and prevent with security actions. We have invited Alfredo Zurdo, Digital Change – Enelgy director, specialized in helping different organizations changing their culture and behavior to make them more secure.

Pandemics are not new in the world, so the experiences and learning that result from them have been the drivers of progress that we are experiencing today.

Public speaking is one of the requirements of any professional, for this reason we invite Fernando Aparicio, a communication expert. 

We speak with Paloma Pau, owner and creator of SIMPLE Siente Bien.

Interview on the Cadena Ser Program.

This time we will talk about the classification and terminology given to individual influencers by each platform.

When we see a post, a video, a story, we must recognize that what we see  is part of a strategy to make you feel attracted.

We talk about influencers everyday… Many talk about these strategies, few talk about how it is done and what it consists of.

Instagram is a social media with over 3 million opportunities to promote your brand. What are you waiting for?