Dear readers, 

I hope you are feeling well, since a few days ago we began to perceive that there are changes in our cities, opening certain businesses that had been confined due to the health crisis. 

Many of us initially moved the offices to our homes, abandoned the shared spaces, and moved the work routine to the home … “sweet home”. 

Due to this situation we have had to adapt to a new working environment. The changes are not easy but the sooner we adapt to them the easier the “home office” or remote work will be. 

And don’t forget a line by Haruki Murakami “When you come out of that storm you won’t be the same person who came in. That’s what this storm is all about.” 

Here are our 6 tips for working remotely

1. Sort out your schedule: Working at home doesn’t mean not having schedules, that is, adjust your working hours to the required schedules to attend to all matters. And define a schedule of completion. 

2. Dress for the occasion: Your personal image in fundamental, you must maintain the same routines as when you went out to work. Don’t work in your pajamas! It is therapy to change clothes, improve your mental state and prepare mentally to start working. 

3. Arranging a place to work: If you don’t have a place to work yet, it is important to have our work space. Ideally it should be a location that is always the same, bright, with a good signal for the connection of the equipment, where you can organize all the necessary work material. 

4. Addictive guidelines: You need to rest, establish a work agenda in which there is room to have a coffee, stretch your legs, or chat on the phone with a friend. “A good way to increase efficiency at work is not to forget that it is also necessary to take a break” 

5. Organize weekly and daily tasks. Remember that it is fundamental to have an agenda that allows us to have a vision of everything we have to do and the prematureness with which the tasks must be accomplished. “Crossing off tasks from the list creates a feeling of happiness” 

6. Enjoy the moment: In other words, we don’t know how long it will be or if we will return to our previous stage. So try to enjoy this new way of working that although you are able to organize will allow you to squeeze and take advantage of other activities! 

Studies say that by 2035 more than 7 billion people will work remotely, this situation has only accelerated something that sooner or later will be a reality. 

Now we can all say that we have tried this teleworking thing. The vast majority of companies have experienced it for the first time during these last weeks and although the situation has not been idyllic many have discovered its advantages 


More and more professionals from all sectors are working remotely, all of which are benefits for companies: 

• The time we invest in traveling to the office influences our happiness, because it allows us to spend that time on other activities.

It increases the productivity of the workers, with greater concentration, in the offices there are more interruptions, calls, sporadic meetings.

It lowers the costs of companies not needing such extensive facilities to accommodate all staff. 

Take care of yourselves and remember “Keep in mind that everyone’s fate depends on their own behavior. ” -Alejandro Magno

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