Why is innovation so important?

Today innovation has a very special character because digitalization has provided us with tools and services for business professionals to create businesses and execute them much faster.

This change of paradigm leads us to face business models that have a shorter life cycle, if before the average “life” of a company was 60 years, now the average is 25 years according to recent studies.

How do we respond to this new reality? Through innovation that will help us to give “long life to our businesses” in order to optimize them and give them a longer trajectory.

Since the 2008 crisis, only 12 years have passed since the next crisis we are currently experiencing, that is to say, the capacity to reinvent ourselves, to innovate is necessary and with increasingly shorter deadlines.

That sentence “Renewing or dying” can be translated in the 21st century to “INNOVATE or DISAPPEAR”. There is no other alternative for companies and entrepreneurs.

Let’s learn from these crises in order to be up to the new times that are coming.

We recommend making innovation a vocation within the business environment to give our companies a chance to grow in these times of uncertainty and change. “INNOVATION AS A VOCATION” is the new motto that should prevail in companies.

To respond to the threats coming from the outside we must innovate and digitize, one step further by taking advantage of the opportunities, service and technology that we have at our disposal to be able to reinvent the business model. The main objective is that we change the “target” that is … now it is not so much what I need as a company but what the customer needs from me and how I can offer it.

In addition, from a defensive strategy we must have an offensive stratagem looking for the opportunities that are generating opportunities that arise. If we are able to see the opportunities that are arising we will be able to survive. And for that we have to be  very alert to all the changes that are taking place in the environment!

To innovate is to work from home, to coordinate teams remotely, to provide customer service from the field of digital tools. And for that innovation also requires applying it in the Human Resources teams, that is, how people are using that technology.

People also have to innovate in “soft skills”, really looking in this direction so that our employees have the necessary digital skills to move forward.

In the last three months some studies say that we have advanced in innovation at the level of human resources which was expected to advance within the next three years.

We cannot forget that it is people who are going to make the digital transformation, we have had to learn new ways of working … if we help our employees to create the right environment by developing the necessary skills our companies will develop digital and innovation capabilities faster.

And you might ask … what are the skills that digital innovators should have?

Here there is a big generation gap between those of us who have to learn to innovate by age and the digital natives who have it easier because they were born with the technology.

In short, the skills or variables that a professional who is capable of working in an environment of innovation and digital must have are and notice that I speak in the present:

  • Learning ability, and I would dare to say “self-taught”
  • Agility as a premise the ability to adapt to changes in a short time
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Collaboration, in a multidisciplinary and remote work environment
  • Frustration management, not everything goes as planned
  • Adaptation to change
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility

The digital natives who are 5, 10, 20 years old are the future workers of companies and consumers and what they are going to demand is digital resources and they are not going to want to work in a company that is not intensive in technology and the consumer is not going to want companies that are not intensive either, it is a generational issue.

In the world of MARKETING do not forget to keep innovating … the phrase INNOVATION is the destination but digitalization is the way now more real than ever. It is the catalyst to arrive earlier, there are many ways to innovate do not skimp on creativity.

The world’s largest photo company does not sell cameras and is called Instagram, the largest hotel is ArB&B, the world’s largest INFLUENCER is Facebook and does not create content developed by users.

All these companies have a common element of innovation, that is, the disruption of new business models that seek alternatives to the current situation.

Innovation affects people in a positive way, because each of us are mini-companies that have our own business model, technology is easy, fast and cheap and in order to differentiate ourselves, the important thing is to be in constant movement and learning and to demonstrate that we have the capacity of leading the transformation in  ourselves and in people to generate the maximum possible value.

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