Succeed in your business with a campaign of influencers?

My dear readers, today with this article we are going to learn the tips to succeed in your business with an Influencer Campaign. If you have not yet developed one from here, I encourage you to consider using this very successful marketing tool strategically.


Here is an important piece of information for you to reflect on the impact it has on our businesses l 83% of people who have seen a product promoted by an influencer have ended up buying it. Today there is no tool in Digital Marketing that has as much impact as hiring an influencer to promote our product or service.


We know that a campaign with the right Influencers can change everything for a brand. A clear example of this is the most famous selfie in history, that of the arch-rivals Elle DeGeneres during the celebration of the 2014 Oscar gala, who happened to get a Samsung and became the best-selling phone for months. 


Or the famous McDonald’s hamburger brand that is inviting the best known Influencers to its burgers to promote take away during this time of confinement. 


A campaign with Influencers allows multiple combinations for the brand in question, from raffles, product sales promotions, editorial content developed by the Influencers, events, product launches and an endless number of activities to promote us.


The success of a campaign with Influencers is directly related to the design of the campaign or in other words “being able to land the objectives we are pursuing” which can be many, engagement, reach, i.e. greater audience, traffic or sales conversion in one word. 


Once we know what we want to achieve with our campaign, we must look for the influencers that best identify with our brand. It must be aligned with our identity, not only is it about selling our products, but there must also be an emotional link with what we are offering. 


And a more important fact is to know which is the audience of the Influencer and above all that coincides with our “budget client”. 


Filtering and knowing the profiles of the Influencer followers is fundamental to know if our campaign is going to be successful.


More than 20 million people work as Influencers worldwide. The number is frightening!


The profession of the 21st century. A business that already moves more than 1.2 billion usd and that came to reinvent the advertising market. After all, it’s as simple as accumulating followers and writing a message on Twitter or uploading a photo to Instagram praising the benefits of a product so that sales soar.

Here are the 5 TIPS that make an Influencers Campaign a good tool to sell more in our business.

MORE VISIBILITY: One of the most important is that we can reach a large number of people. How many of us have looked for references, comments and ratings before buying a product?


MORE TRUST IN THE BRAND: The brand gets important recognition, especially in terms of trust. The main function of the Influencers, apart from promoting our product, must know it and transmit a message of confidence to users so that they dare to try it. 


ENGAGEMENT Advertising campaigns with Influencers can open many doors for you and help you generate engagement through social network strategies. With this we want to tell you that it will help your company to position itself in the market much faster, so that it can then follow its path even alone, without Influencers.


INTERACTION WITH USERS One of the great advantages of advertising campaigns with influencers is that they allow you to know the public that is interested in your product and you can interact with them. And it also remains in time the posts remain there! 


QUALITY TRAFFIC Another of the great benefits of marketing with Influencers is to get quality traffic; the traffic that is really worthwhile and that you need so that your ideal client knows you and buys your product.

“Don’t admire success, admire the effort needed to achieve it, don’t ask yourself if you could be there, but if you would be willing to do everything necessary to get there” Anxo Perez 

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