Influencer Marketing the hope in times of pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis has become not only one of the world’s greatest threats to health but also a dangerous enemy for a fully globalized industry. Most brands in the tourism, restaurant, fashion, and beauty sectors have seen their stores and businesses close around the world, remaining exclusively, and in some cases not even, with their electronic stores open.

The digitization process has had to be accelerated to respond to the needs of a consumer whose only window of access to the world is the Internet. However, in this crisis, brands tend to adapt to more personalized and consumer-centric strategies for audiences whose consumers are the top priority. Businesses have begun to prioritize building community and have shifted from product-centric marketing to a revamp of value and emotion-based marketing. As part of this same change, influencers have become part of the strategy and brands to connect with consumers through non-intrusive and natural advertising.

While influencer marketing is not new, the only new ones are the personalities who wield it today. Before, they were royal and religious figures. Then, celebrities started to become the new faces of products and services, and now consumers themselves have become content creators who star in communication channels.

From consumers to content producers, some well-known prosumers have emerged. They want to be part of the dialogue and not just the recipient, which establishes a two-way dialogue community. Its effectiveness has become popular during the last decade and even the last year of the pandemic, responding to a change in behavior where the connectivity of these new personalities becomes more efficient for brands that want and need to know their consumers.

Influencer marketing has taken a step beyond traditional media, understanding the importance of personalization and the creation of non-intrusive content where infoxication is increasingly stifling.

In this way, it becomes impossible to ignore a publication of those people whom you already trust. They may even be your role model and therefore they are your reference to obtain the lifestyle that they reflect.

Companies take this admiration as a promotional hook through influencer marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and connect with their niche markets. It is so much so that companies increased their budget in campaigns with influencers between 10% and 30% during 2020, investing more than 10 billion dollars in 2020 alone.

With that being said, since the inception of Covid-19 a renewal in the spirit of influencer marketing has once again resembled its origin. The authentic conversation between the creator and community with opinion leaders refocuses on the content that adds value to the lives of its followers and the world in general.

In this way we will see for this 2021:

  • A stronger connection between consumers and brands. In such a way that now the protagonist will not be the product but the stories and therefore the emotions that connect with an honest reality.
  • Successful influencer marketing will focus on valuing your own consumers’ content. Detecting in this way, future micro influencers who maintain a closer conversation with their community.
  • Diversification of strategies by brands that cover all generations of consumers.
  • Increased amount of creative content from the homes of the content creators themselves.
  • Digital transformation to obtain a greater global reach, giving way to a less regional scenario.

If a company is looking for a direct marketing strategy that connects with its consumers, influencer marketing is a viable option. In the new year where commercial doors are still closed and many screens continue to open, more than 80% of communications and marketing directors plan to bet on this strategy.

Recognizing the option to connect with the desired targeted audience, generate authentic content, increase brand awareness, generate a positive ROI and cover viable platforms that allow you to talk about your products and services without physical contact with them.

Patricia Franco Reyes

Brand Manager

Cuco Company América

Influencer Marketing Campaigns – The Cuco Company (thecucompany.com)


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