Impact Influencers have this Day and Age

This sudden growth of influencers has taken over the world of media. As this new branch in the entertainment industry grows businesses and other celebrities want to learn about it more and more. Many of the influencers started off not knowing the influence they have on the population they mostly just created their platform to document their life or talk about subjects they are passionate about. With this growth of influencers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube many brands started to catch on to the importance of these people to their audience.

         In our society, in general, we value the opinions of other vary highly in order to make our own decisions whether they are minor or major. As influencers start growing they develop a fan base who are very passionate about them and trust their word. Many brands take advantage of this and create partnerships with them in order to promote their product. This new wave of marketing has become the grand way to advertise products, movies, and songs. Depending on the audience of the company some take advantage of the young audience of some of these influencers and use them as a source to get their parents to buy or be interested in the products as well. This age of influencing and social media stars is very new to older generations as they are used to normal commercials, but now the person staring in the commercial is a key component to whether people will actually pay attention to the advertisement or not.  A good example would be during the super bowl many advertisements featured new famous tiktokers such as Charli D’amelio (121.1 million followers), her influence increased viewership for that year’s Super Bowl. These recognizable faces are what is bringing customers to the companies.

         As mentioned previously, humans have always taken into account the opinions of others. This new era of influencers has increased consumerism as they promote clothing or beauty brands and then get a discount code with the companies which then influences the consumer even more. They are every one’s new source and “review section” before buying new products. When it comes to influencer marketing, over half of women made purchases due to influencer posts (Digital Marketing Institute). These new-found influencers have such a way with their words that become very convincing to the public eye. They have left such a great mark on business sales that many brands yearly budgets increase just to have multiple influencer partnerships. Influencers have become the new marketing strategy as they hold great impact over people of all ages.

Sophia Montoya

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