I want to be a YouTuber when I grow up

I am going to start my article by telling you a story that happened a couple weeks ago. I am the mother of two very teenage daughters, and I mean very, very teenagers.

If you are parents, you already know what I mean, but if you are teenagers you will not understand the real meaning behind this “innocent phrase”.

Inevitably among the many conversations that one tries to have with his children, this next question is bound to be formulated…

Daughter and you, what do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a typical phrase and diversion among parents who have children to start wondering and asking what they have planned for their professional future.

I confess that at this moment in the conversation one expects a typical, unoriginal response. But obviously society advances and when you are still in the twentieth century, which by the way was not so long ago, you might get surprised.

To keep in mind.

The generation that comes after us and that will be the professionals of the 21st century will undertake business models and public relations that transcend formality, creating digital innovation with a human character.

A big challenge!!!

And that’s how this article of the conversation with my daughters originated, specifically when one of them answered “Mom, I want to be YouTuber!

This is a moment in which, I must confess, one tries to digest and even wonders what he or she has done to have their teenage daughter consider as a first option to become an influencer through videos on a channel.

Professional evolution

But the world changes, and within this process of evolution we must contemplate the new paradigm of professionals.

There are professions that seem to be in the process of extinction and others that emerge with the freshness and spontaneity of a generation that has been born with Social Networks.

That is why I dedicate this article to the new generations, those who will be part of this 21st century that has just begun.

But you must also remember that it is not about discrediting the “classic” professional careers, simply the key will be to optimize the coexistence between professional and personal.

As a Digital Marketing agency in CuCo we have a very young team: professionals who saw the future in the Digital World … Social Media Managers, Community Managers, Web Designers.

These are highly qualified profiles that have entered the labor market, so if you want to succeed, recycle or simply understand the future that is already a present, read this article.

Be sure to contemplate the new professional horizons available to all generations

The new professions

In the Digital world there are more and more professionals specialized in very specific fields, so here you have several options. You choose.

Social Media Manager

They are the strategist responsible for creating and developing the image of the brand, study the competition, think and chart the path to develop within the digital world.

Community Manager

Perhaps one of the best known professions.

It is up to him/her to execute the brand strategy, position and retain the brands and be constantly updated to give followers what they expect.

Copywriter or Content Manager.

Your role in the communication agency is crucial.

This professional is responsible for developing the creative strategy in terms of content, the “copys”, get the message with the words and headlines that reach the audience.

Creative, persuasive, ingenious texts that impact the public.

In short, an advertising phrase to connect with the advertiser and his audience.

And here I turn to the classics, what Mr. Ramon Valle Inclán said “If good and brief, twice good.”


Yes, as they hear it. And do not get it wrong, a blogger is one of the most sought after professionals.

In 2019, statistics tell us that 68% of Social Network users spend more than 1 hour reading specialized content about our hobbies (cooking, sports, travel …)

You will ask (and if not I will) why is it important that our brand has a Blog?

The answers.

In the first place because it will allow you to position your brand through the SEO of your website. It is an indispensable element to publicize your brand.

In addition, having a blog allows us to make our content viral and attract more people.

In summary, more traffic from visits to our website.

It will also allow you to attract more people without opening offices, favoring viral marketing and giving our customers confidence in the products and services offered. Your brand through a blog is key.

In conclusion, being a blogger is a profession of the present.


That’s right, a profession that begins to be known and recognized.

The INFLUENCERs have managed to create trends and achieve quality communities, they have clear objectives, and follow a strategy where daily work goes much further than simply uploading a photo.

Influencers of many types, Micro, Medium, Macro and Celebrity!

The Influencers have become a brand in itself. Let me give you an example: in my company we work developing campaigns for our clients with Influencers.

Well, from experience I tell you that in the recent Christmas campaigns the cost for these influencers to upload a post with a certain brand has been in some cases about a figure of $ 5,000 but I confess that we have had some who have come to ask for more than $ 30,000 for a post.

And now I ask you … can you list me how many professionals win that chilling amount in a few seconds … bets are accepted.

And now yes.


If you have not been talking about German Garmendia, the Chilean with more than 24 million subscribers, or PewDieIe with almost 60 million subscribers (in my country we are 47 million just so you can have a reference), then my dear readers you are out of the market .

The YouTube channel was born in 2005.

They say it came up when several friends tried to share videos taken during a party in San Francisco.

If the internet is a galaxy composed of strange worlds, YouTube is one of the most popular towns.

How many?

More than 1.9 billion users log in to YouTube every month.

Forbes estimates that the 10 men who position themselves as the best-known YouTube (nine men and one boy) won or made companies win over 1,000 million in 2019.

Assuming that we are facing a giant that has penetrated irremediably into our lives, it is not surprising that “being a YouTuber” is a profession with a lot of future in the present.

Many universities in different places have already incorporated this career.

I do not want to finish this article without mentioning all the professionals that have been developed in the WEB world.

Development of new fields.

SEO consultants

Responsible for our websites to appear in google searches.

SEM experts.

Developers of search engine marketing campaigns through paid ads.

WEB analysts.

Responsible for analyzing the data obtained from the website’s traffic.

Experts in Electronic Commerce.

Creators of online sales strategies of a brand or product and implementing it.

App Apps Developers for Mobile.

Web page designers, experts in Cybersecurity, Software and Hardware Engineers, Programmers, 3 and 4D Designers …

Frankly it is difficult for me to analyze how many sectors have “created” so many professionals in such a short time and with such a promising future.

And finally I will leave you with this phrase “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who can not learn, unlearn and rebuke” -Alvin Toffler-.

Happy weekend my cybernauts!

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