Online influencer marketing in a clear up line strategy and more and more brands are
adopting it. For their target audience often the influencer concept adheres to the idea of
confidence, which gives them a power of influence that brands don´t hesitate to take
advantage from.

When reaching an agreement with the influencer it should be noted that he becomes an
ambassador of our brand, so when choosing we must be very precise about the profile
we choose. To do this, there are some key points that require prior analysis:

1. Potential range. This is a basic aspect that we must take into account when
planning your strategy. Clearly, more followers higher potential audience to reach.
However, a large number of followers is not linked with success if we do not do an
analysis of our target and how it adapts to the influencer's profile.
2. Periodicity of publication. It is a very important aspect to consider as it is basic
when designing our strategy. Choosing a profile whose cadence of posts fits our
idea is a fundamental point of support for our campaign to be a success.
3. Affinity with the product/brand. The basis of influencer marketing is the trust that
the follower puts in the content creator. This is why the consistency of the profile
we choose with the product or service to promote is key not to generate a bounce
4. Affinity with your audience. It is important not only to stay in the number of
comments but to read the comments. Clearly we can't do a thorough analysis of this
point, but with a glance you can see the kind of ratings that users give to his o her
5. Brands and competition. Another basic criteria is that you haven't made recent
posts with competition brands. A loyal follower will notice and that will detract
from the credibility of the collaboration.

Online influencer marketing is positioning itself at the forefront of commercial
advertising thanks to its effectiveness and efficiency, but choosing the right profile is a
prerequisite for ensuring the success of our campaign.

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