Exceed Your Goals Using Influencer Marketing

Nowadays it is very common to hear the word influencer – young people who want to be influencers, companies continuously investing in influencer campaigns, influencers making campaigns and by that carrying out a tremendous success, or on the contrary, influencers who somehow get into trouble. 

Yes, it is true that it is something talked about today, but it is not something new since many specialists date its beginnings to 1880, when companies began to recruit celebrities to promote their products.

But it is not until the Internet Era when the rise of “Influencer Marketing” begins, mainly because it makes possible for anyone to be an influencer and therefore having more competition, reducing costs and allowing many companies to use these means for their marketing strategies.

80% of companies have carried out an influencer campaign in 2019 (data from the Statista Report after interviewing 600 professionals). This number continues rising year by year due to the benefits that companies make by investing in Influencer campaigns, amongst which the following can be highlighted:

  • Increased engagement rate. What the brand says about itself has less credibility than it used to and influencers are now the best way for brands to contact consumers and get their attention. For all these reasons, 70% of brand engagement tends to come from influencer campaigns.

  • Brand awareness. These campaigns can generate brand awareness both in large communities and in small market niches, being able to segment the campaign as much as desired. Furthermore, this content will remain over time allowing even greater visibility.

  • Product experience. Influencer campaign marketing is not traditional advertisement but rather one that enables the product experience, making its characteristics known and allowing customers to give their opinions, facilitating brands to considerate that feedback.

  • Metrics. One of the most important benefits that influencer campaigns offers is measuring results. It is key for companies to know if the money they are investing is actually generating the expected results, and there are plenty of tools to analyze the impact of an influencer campaign. Results show that this type of marketing can generate an ROI up to x11 bigger than a traditional campaign.

However, these benefits are not always easy to obtain. Planning and preliminary studies become key for the success of an Influencers campaign as in any strategy. These stages can be considered as a guide for a correct planning:

  • The first thing we must do is establishing the main objectives (KPIs) between agency and client and communicating these very clearly to the influencer. Some of the most common objectives are: sale of products, get higher engagement rate, increase reach, generate leads to achieve conversions. To facilitate this metrics tracking, in most cases, codes must be generated by campaign and/or influencer.

  • Then we must select the influencers and platforms where the campaign will be carried out as well as the action type (sponsored post, events, product reviews, brand ambassador, …). This point is crucial since the wrong choice of an influencer can lead the campaign to fail, even damaging the brand reputation. For this reason, our recommendation is not only using the available tools to search for influencers but also doing a double check investigating the influencer and checking that their values and statements match with those of our brand. Once we have the right influencers selected, it is very important that it is formalized and all the details are reflected in writing.

  • Having finalized with them, the publications and monitoring of absolutely everything begin in order to measure the results obtained: insights of each post or stories, comments, direct messages, filtration of comments, etc.

  • When the campaign is ended, the agency presents a report to the client with the results to check whether the established KPIs have been met and the ROI obtained.

In conclusion, an influencer campaign is going to (1) give us a greater reach and engagement than any traditional marketing campaign, (2) allow to segment as much as we want our target audience, (3) adapt perfectly to our needs and (4) have a constant measurement of the results obtained.

For all this, from Cuco we encourage all companies to invest in influencer campaigns regardless of the type of company and budget, since as we have seen in this article, they are adaptable to all of them.




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