Digitizing our businesses, a future present.

My dear readers, we live in turbulent moments, several days have passed since in many parts of the world, measures of confinement, isolation, quarantine, social distance were implemented that have changed our day to day.

Our habits have changed, goodbye to the tedious traffic in the morning, the marathon to get to school, the many daily tasks, work, children, social activities, sports … everything changed.

Beyond the circumstances we are experiencing, the digital reality has also changed, we could never think of a situation of this magnitude as a pandemic, certainly one of the most searched words on the Internet in recent weeks.

The impact for streaming platforms has been exponential living a “golden moment” like Netflix, HBO, Amazon that provide digital entertainment content. 

Netflix has developed an “unofficial” Netflix Party tool that allows you to synchronize the viewing of a series with a chat to discuss each scene with several connected people.

What do we consume? Well, from tutorials to stay in shape, as anecdotal information, this 54d gym adds more than 30.00 people connected to its IGLIVE every day.

The world of culture has also turned to this situation, MOMA offers free virtual tours in the same way as other great museums in the world, Prado, Louvre …

The famous Broadway musicals have also joined this initiative with free shows every day of their best performances or the famous Coachella Music Festival that offers free content from their YouTube account.

The Vienna Opera that invites you to see its wonderful free Christmas Concert with its well-known “March Radetzky” by J.Strauss.

AIRBNB has modified its website and offers accommodation for health personnel fighting the pandemic, online experiences and long stays for those who were trapped in a destination that was not the end. “Even though we are apart, we will get through this together.”

And how have we changed our consumption habits? Well, did you know that one of the most popular words in recent days is hair dye?

Or kitchen recipes or how to make unleavened bread, the great one sought after in supermarkets after stocks of toilet paper and flour run out.

Before I say goodbye I want to leave a few last lines to businesses that are becoming more digital, the short term is even shorter if possible and I encourage you to become digital as soon as possible.

This situation has marked a before and after and the present future is inevitably digital.

Consumption habits have changed even more in recent weeks and we all have to
adapt to the coming era.

I refer to a phrase Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one that best responds to change.”

In other words, if you have not already done so, go digital, review your businesses and adapt your companies as soon as possible to be aligned with the new situation.

Take good care of yourselves, practice social distance and stay strong!

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