“Hello literally everyone” – Twitter

Going back to the past and frustrating some businesses, this is how the fall of social networks was experienced on October 4. There is talk of about 6 continuous hours without the possibility of using Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, all applications headed by Mark Zukenberg. Between memes and tweets, as twitter seemed to be the salvation of many in search …

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The must for the distracted: Airtags

We are talking about one of the new devices launched by the popular Apple brand in the current year. A small device of 32 millimeters in diameter, a thickness of 8 millimeters, which weighs 11 grams. It is a locator that is paired with Iphones, through the “search” application, to find, redundantly, simple objects that users lose daily (keys, wallets, …

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The early metaphor of the universe

Placing us in the year of the pandemic, 2020, 27 million people connected through the game, Fortnite, to see rapper Travis Scott in a live concert. The interesting thing is not the number of people that connected, but the way users were connected. The Metaverse, a term created by science fiction literature, which today has been heard in speeches of …

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The Uproar with Online Shopping

Online shopping has always been the hot spot for consumerism in the United States, but with the pandemic that hit us in 2020 the growth in online shoppers has been tremendous. Especially in the United States a country built off of consumerism ever since the Gilded Age. Online shopping is a craze, only predicted to get more popular as the …

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What is clubhouse and how can it help my business

Social media has meant a revolution in terms of communication, up to the point that it seems quite unusual when a company doesn´t make use of them. This is why when a new social network emerges we should inform ourselves of its functionalities and analyze how we could use it for the benefit of our business. Being attentive to the …

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Why is innovation so important? Today innovation has a very special character because digitalization has provided us with tools and services for business professionals to create businesses and execute them much faster. This change of paradigm leads us to face business models that have a shorter life cycle, if before the average “life” of a company was 60 years, now …

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