More than 100 higher courses, which offer a level of advanced training and training for you and your team.

A virtual library of 3,000 courses, with more than 10,000 training modules that feed our wide range of training.

High component of Social Media, energizing learning platforms to make them more user-friendly.

More than 1000 Specialization courses accredited by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain (URJC), which account for a serious training, relevant to current requirements and with the support of an institution of international prestige and recognition.

Courses designed and / or adapted to the needs of the client. Sharing your needs and looking for the best solutions.

We have the capacity and experience in the design of mixed training systems, combining virtual and face-to-face scenarios, tailored to the organizations.

We offer corporate portals, which integrate and guarantee immediate access to the selected courses.

More than 2,000 thematic courses in more than 20 disciplines, which allow a wide range of possibilities to train your team at different scales of knowledge and according to the objective of your business.


We help to emotionally link employees with your brand or project. We work with you defining objectives and promoting direct, effective and affective communication, up to value the training plans of employees, managers and management. We work with employees to make them "want and can learn" , giving them the possibility to find growth and improvement options.

Our training programs help employees to acquire knowledge, skills and have all the tools to improve their performance, improving their commitment to the company and promoting professional development..

We offer personalized solutions for e-learning, social learning and face-to-face training to motivate and involve employees.

Through training platforms we boost engagement and share talent in the organization.

Our experience allows us to rely on training as one of the strategies capable of putting people in the Center of the Organization, developing experiences 360 degrees.